YouTube Heroes Volunteering Program: How To Get Started

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    If you have been following the recent trend on all social media, you will notice that censorship is next big thing. All social networks want to get rid of irrelevant and inappropriate contents on their websites. YouTube is also joining the censorship team. Even though, the Google owned video sharing website already has moderators that remove inappropriate videos and comments, the website wants to do more.

    The website, consequently, announces a volunteering program in order to recruit more armies that will help in improving users experience by taking down “bad contents”. And just like in most volunteering programs, this program tagged YouTube Heroes does not provide any financial incentive to the volunteers, but however, there are some other benefits attached.

    Now that application is opened to join the program, HOW-TOTECHNAIJA is here to give you the facts and other information that will guide you in your registration.

    Facts to Know About the YouTube Heroes Program

    This program is designed for YouTubers who can dedicate their data and time to content moderation on the website. You do not have be a regular content creator on the site before qualifying for the program. And as a volunteer, you will be provided you a special dashboard that has all the tools needed in doing your job.

    What will I be doing after joining the program? There are three basic things volunteers will be doing:

    * Flagging of videos and comments marked as inappropriate in accordance with YouTube policy.

    * Adding captions and subtitles to videos.

    * Participating in YouTube Help Forum where heroes share knowledge and ideas.

    Rewards for being a YouTube Hero

    As stated in one of the introductory paragraphs, there is no financial reward in the program – maybe the experience to be gained might find a place on your CV – however, there are some rewards based on performance and level attained in the program. The rewards include attending workshops and hangout with other volunteers, meeting YouTube staff, possibility of attending Heroes summit, etc.

    Although this program has received lot of criticism since its announcement but it seems Google is not backing down. It is determined to rip YouTube off of irregular contents and it will be glad if you can help. To get started and become a Hero today, all you need is to sign up on the registration page on YouTube and wait for you application to be reviewed.

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