Why rich people don’t have many children

Discussion in 'University And Schools' started by ItuExchange, Mar 20, 2020.

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    Why do rich people have small number of children while poor people have quite a lot?

    It's a mindset. A wrong mindset.

    To the rich, children are mostly a liability. They have to be cared for, well fed, educated, protected etc. It's a serious job that requires full time employees with board of directors and a paid secretary, and that's why we have Parents--- well meaning and deserving parents.

    To the poor, children is wealth. They don't necessarily care about educating the child or feeding him. They don't necessarily care about the future well-being of the child before giving birth, the child has to figure that out when he's grown. They have no plans for the children they produce on a yearly basis. Poor people believe so much on Destiny, they believe that the childs Destiny will determine his or her future... Talk about gambling, this is worse.

    It's not always a mindset. Most often it is also helplessness. Poor communities in many parts of Asia and Africa are also fiercely patriarchal which means women are denied basic human rights. With no control over their bodies, girls as young as 12 or 13 are forced to become mothers. So many of them are married off to men several decades older against their will. This doesn't happen in affluent societies that are educated and aware. Educated women are richer and have more control over their lives. Chaitaly shukla

    One important thing nature has eluded poor people is education…modern day education. Poor people either don't like contraceptives, never heard about it or they simply can't afford.

    Poverty is the worst thing you could wish on anyone, yes even your enemies. I know because I have been there.

    Poverty doesn't just affect your physical well-being, it deprives one of everything considered glamorous.

    The worse thing I think poverty did to his permanent staff, is by poisoning their minds, to make them accept and believe the very BS that is disgusting to the rich.

    Poverty is a disease, run forest run to escape it at all cost!


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