Why I don’t celebrate birthdays

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ItuExchange, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Some Christians don’t celebrate birthdays and some do. The only two recorded birthdays in the Bible were celebrated by unbelievers and marked by bloodsheds.

    When David said “Teach us how to count our days” he meant we should be taught how to think about our days and years and life, to apply wisdom, to make adjustments and to stop doing what would translate to a wasted life when we draw our last breaths. He didn’t mean we should be taught how to party, drink, boost our ego and do foolish things (that are rampant nowadays).

    There are more than 7.5 billion people on earth. You may think something is special about you, but you are wrong. Billions of other people think the same – each person think they’re special.

    Over 300,000 people were born on March 9, 2018. Let’s say on March 2045, most of them would still be alive and celebrate their birthdays.

    Assuming about 400,000 people were born on March 9, every year. In 20 years, that would be 8 million people.

    I celebrate birthdays for my loved ones. But I don’t do that for myself and I don’t want people to do that for me. Why?

    People are selfish and self-centered. They want others to care about them, but they don’t care about others. Imagine celebrating someone every year, who has never asked you about your own date of birth.

    Most other jobless people try to fill this vacuum by announcing their own birthdays on social media platforms like Facebook, then many of those who don’t really care about you would come online to like and comment. Fake love online.

    If I celebrated my birthday on a certain day in June or April or October, I should bear it in mind that millions of other people are doing the same on that particular day. So there’s nothing special about me. Why should I be egocentric?

    Happy birthday to the best or the most wonderful wife, dad, hubby, mom, brother, etc. in the world! YOU’RE WRONG!

    That person may be the best in your family or village, but not in the world. Another example of illogical flattery.

    People are now insane with “birthdays” while they neglect other aspects of life that matter. You may go into debt or do something crazy, to desperately catch attention or inflate your egotistic self. But this is also vanity and running after the wind.

    Companies that cheat you or don’t care about you can send automated birthday greetings to you. Remember, it’s automated – it’s impersonal.

    I’ve struggled and I’ve risen by my own effort and sweat. No-one came to my aid, save the divine Providence. I don’t want anyone to greet me on my birthday. I don’t want distractions. I got important and productive things to do.

    This doesn’t matter, whether I celebrate my birthday or not, it doesn’t add any value to me or my bank accounts (neither does it subtract any value from me or my bank accounts).

    To me, every day is unique and I take it as it comes. I don’t have any special days – my date of birth is not an exception.

    If you’re successful people will come around you. If you’re not, people will distance themselves from you.

    This is my opinion. I know certain readers out there could be parochial in views. I don’t care.

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