Why don't soldiers wear a bullet proof suit that covers head?

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    Why don't soldiers wear a totally bullet proof suit which would cover from head to feet?

    Because survival is about more than just being able to resist hits.

    This is the Onion Model:

    Don’t be…






    What your armour tries to do (in the diagram: Don't be...penetrated) is actually pretty low down the list of preferred options. Crucially, past a certain point stacking more body armour onto the PBIs makes them less mobile and less stealthy, which makes them more likely to be detected, seen and hit.

    So there is a point at which adding more armour actually becomes counter-productive. The guys are probably wearing about as much as they can realistically be expected to carry as it is.

    Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-dont-sold...roof-suit-which-would-cover-from-head-to-feet

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