Why Don’t GoTV/DSTV Want People to Mention God?

Discussion in 'Tv Series' started by ItuExchange, Oct 2, 2016.

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    This question mostly has to do with African Magic Yoruba. I sometimes watch it and whenever I watch an interesting Yoruba movie, I tend to view it till the end.

    These movies are subscribed in Engilsh, and as you know, 99% of Yorubas believe in God, not matter their religions.

    Whenever the cast are speaking and the translation for subscription is being done in English, the GoTV people would always have obliterated anywhere where “God” or “Lord” is being mentioned.

    Whenever name of God is mentioned in the subscription, it’s crossed out.

    Are the people behind GoTV/DSTV African Magic Yoruba atheists? Or are they trying to avoid offending some atheists?

    Why are they doing this? Don’t they themselves believe in a Creator? Is there anything wrong with them?

    Don’t they know that part of Yoruba’s core values is a belief is a creator? Why show the movies after all, if they don’t want the name of God to be seen or mentioned?

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