What would happen if Earth never existed?

Discussion in 'Other Useful Educational Tips' started by ItuExchange, Sep 30, 2016.

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    The universe would move on, none the wiser. The inner Solar System would look quite different, possibly containing one or two of the Super-Earths/Mini-Neptunes so common in other planetary systems, but that's pure conjecture. We only know the Sun and gas giants would be the same, absent all our probes. To paraphrase Sagan, we are but a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

    I downvoted this question only to realise that this is one of the deepest questions on Quora. Your question is a concise, child-like, formulation of one of the greatest fears of mankind: that of our insignificance.

    If Earth never existed, everything would’ve been exactly the same everywhere else. Indirectly, Earth not existing might have slightly affected stuff that’s really really far away, in ways that are subtle and insignificant, similarly to how Earth’s existence affects stuff that’s far far away now.

    “Statistically” though, Earth never having existed might have improbably improved the chances of something, rather than nothing, happening somewhere else, though the reverse may easily be true.


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