What job seekers don’t know

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    What does no one tell you about job searching?

    There are a number of replies (many with lists like this) but I can’t resist an opportunity to add my own (very recent - I start in a couple weeks) experience with job searching and the things that surprised me. To clarify, I’m a ‘mid-career’ professional that’s taken about six months out of the workplace to evaluate what’s next for me professionally (as well as personally). This used to be called a sabbatical, something not entirely uncommon.

    Explaining a resume gap or that I’ve gone another direction in my career than is obvious has taken a lot of time. I am not seeking a position similar to my last job, or at the role level, I’d accomplished already. I’m certain this has some influence on the way people, especially those who have to deal with dozens or hundreds of resumes and cover letters for the jobs they post.

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