What do you hate so much about your country?

Discussion in 'News in Nigeria' started by ItuExchange, Sep 28, 2016.

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    What is something you absolutely despise about your country?

    I have lived in 5 countries. I was born and raised in the south of England where I started my career. I first moved to work near Rome in Italy, then a French speaking canton in Switzerland. I then moved to Silicon Valley in California where I raised my family and live today, I also have a vacation house in Mexico I built where I spend a lot of time during the winter months.

    Every country is very different, thats what makes them special. If I was forced to pigeon hole and paint a stereotypical picture of each one, I would say this.

    England Pros - great culture, community feel, villages, sense of humor, TV, pubs, free services.
    England Cons - terrible grey/wet weather, bad food, pessimistic, negative attitude.
    Why I left - much better career options abroad.
    Italy Pros - History, great weather, great food, great culture.
    Italy Cons - general infrastructure, bureaucracy, corruption, crime.
    Why I left - big career opportunity in Switzerland.
    Switzerland Pros - skiing, mountains, cleanliness, efficiency and engineering, no cap gains tax.
    Switzerland Cons - weather, claustrophobic insularity, narrow mindness, restrictive laws.
    Why I left - I had an opportunity to move to Silicon Valley.
    USA Pros - Wild West attitude, Pro career and business, no upper ceiling for entrepreneurs, positivity, easy to make money, English spoken, great weather in Silicon Valley, lots to do. Easy living. If you can turn off the TV and ignore the news, life is good.
    USA Cons - bad infrastructure, public services, weak culture, lame social life, work focused, no sense of humor, religion, ignorance of global anything, lobbying, corrupt news reporting, politics, USA is #1 - go team attitude, constant in your face commercials.
    Why I left - Im still here, even though I swore I would only stay for a few years. Its basically England v2.0 beta. I found the missing parts I was looking for in Mexico.
    Mexico Pros - great weather, shorts and tee shirt 24 hours a day. Anything goes, adult recess feel. Great food, very friendly, easy relaxed environment. Non threatening pace of life. Beautiful scenery and ocean access. Low cost. Time spent here is not deducted from my lifespan.
    Mexico Cons - very hot in the summer, no work, vacation only. I live in a small fishing village, not a tourist resort.
    Why I left - I stay there in the winters when its cold in California.
    Switching between California and my house in Mexico is a great combination. When I want to get something done, SV is great. When I want to relax and put my life in perspective, Mexico’s family oriented, unpretentious, slow pace of life is unmatched.

    If I have learnt one thing, it's if your going to live anywhere, make sure you have good weather, it makes such a big difference in the quality of your life.


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