Watch former Governor Peter Obi's much talked about presentation at the Platform

Discussion in 'News in Nigeria' started by djayz1, Oct 2, 2016.

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    Watch former Governor Peter Obi's much talked about presentation at the Platform

    A lot of Nigerians found former Anambra state governor, Peter Obi's presentation at the Platform, an annual event on leadership, business, creativity and national empowerment, which held in Lagos Saturday, as very deep and honest. In his presentation, the former governor narrated how he was able to cut down on reckless spending when he was in office.

    He described the office of the First lady in states and Federal level as an office of confusion as it adds to the reckless spending in all state government offices.
    According to him, it cost an average of N2 billion to run the office of the first lady in each state.
    "It costs an average of N2 billion to run that office and all the office does is to create confusion. If you do away with it, you have saved a state government of N2 billion and N72 billion for all 36 states" he said.
    He narrated how he had to cut down on his aides and government officials that accompanied him to Abuja so he could save some money for his state
    "When I came into office, my first trip to Abuja I traveled with over 30 people. Everybody had a title to be in the plane. So I asked myself, I am the only one being invited to Abuja. I pay for 30 people to Abuja, constitute a problem to the traveling public, I am the one going to Abuja for a meeting. Because they are idle and in the hotel, they eat more so I have a lot of bills to pay. In the end, every trip was costing me N10 million and at times I do this four to five times in a month so I had to ask what the purpose of each person in Abuja and I found out the only person who was needed in Abuja was me" he said.
    Watch the videos below:

    This post first appeared on Linda Ikeji's Blog. Read the original story here.

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