The 4 Best Ways to Make a Nigerian Soldier Very Happy

Discussion in 'News in Nigeria' started by ItuExchange, Sep 25, 2016.

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    I once read a book about war memoirs from a long-retired combatant in the Nigerian Civil War and other bloody conflicts.

    The relevant points I want to take from the book are these:

    There are 4 ways to make Nigerian soldiers very happy, especially if you want them to perform excellently.

    If you want a Nigerian soldier to be very happy give him these 4 things:


    Good drinks

    Beautiful women

    Sophisticated weapons

    Most soldiers love the above lists very much.

    When you give soldiers lots of money, they appreciate that and perform well. When you give them good local and exotic drinks, you keep them happy during their relaxation times.

    When you give Nigerian soldiers beautiful women to spend time with (during their relaxation times), you make them feel happy and grateful.

    Then give them cutting-edge, state-of the-art weapons, and you’ll see their top performances.

    Is the writer, a veteran soldier, wrong about these points?

    Neteller here:

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