Surest way to make 300k before December

Discussion in 'Internet Tunneling' started by webmonie, Sep 27, 2016.

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    icharity is a member to member donation platform and it's really making waves because there are lot's of spillover from google, up-liners and social media adverts.
    To partake as a member.. you'll donate $20 which is N6,000 to a designated member.
    Then you'll be upgraded to Grade 1 where you'll receive same amount by 5 persons and when you get your pay, you'll use $40 which is 12k to upgrade to Grade 2 where you'll earn 300k. That's how it keeps going and it doesn't stop.

    Like I mentioned earlier, icharity is really trending like wildfire reasons cuz of the massive spillover coming from different places.

    1. By Up-liners: The referrals coming from the up-liners are used to fill in for those who doesn't have anyone thought it would be rare to see any 1 that doesn't have a down-line. Unless the person is just registering.

    2. Spillover also comes from referral links from posts on social media by members.

    3. Spillover also comes from the search engines. Those members that weren't referred by anyone but they just googled and registered.

    Payment goes to the bank account you'll provide when you register and no1 is in charge of the money.

    NOTE: icharity is not a scam and it's very real and it's paying real time.

    You can also call or whatsapp +2348152167005 icharity_logo.jpg

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