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    FOR N1 per sms to all gsm networks Mtn, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat, Starcomms, Multilink, Visaphone e.t.c.


    Use your Name, Business Name, Organisation Name, Company Name, Hospital Name, Church Name, Hotel Name, School Name e.t.c to send this sms.

    For more details/enquiries.
    Call 08063380741, 08182255386
    Email: or

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    What is bulk sms?

    Bulk sms is a platform where you can send customised sms to several group/single numbers

    What do i mean by customised messages

    Have you ever gotten a message from ur bank, mtn, glo, airtel, church, political aspirants e.t.c, where by u receive a message on your phone and instead of seeing a phone number, or a number you know from your phone you would see either mtn, glo, oceanic(or any other bank), or any other name. Thats a customised sms, where by you can send sms with your name, the name of your organisation, school, church, mosque, e.t.c

    Uses of bulksms
    Bulk sms can be used for various purpose

    For invitation to
    Wedding ceremonies
    Social clubs
    Political meetings
    Church meetings Business/product follow ups.

    2. Advertising/Marketing: More than 50 million people use gsm phones and the number keeps increasing by the. With bulk sms you can be able to reach a large audience with your goods and services.

    3. Political campaigns: with bulk sms, you can reach everybody in Nigeria, or you can reach them by their state or even local government or particular area by text message with your political intensions.

    4. Reach millions of users at the same time. E.t.c

    5. You can send bulk sms in one click with ur unique name

    What network can i send sms to?

    The good thing is that you can send sms to all gsm network mtn, airtel, etisalat, glo, starcomms, visaphone, multilinks e.t.c

    How can i get this service?

    There are two types of account in bulk sms

    1. Customer account: With a customer account you can buy sms credits depending on the number of text you want to send. You can have it for your personal use or you can use it in sending sms for others i.e you can get contract from organizations and you send sms for them with your account.

    2. Reseller account: with a reseller account you would have your own sms website, where you can create other sms site for people, under your sms site you can sell sms credits to your customers who have a customer account with you. You can also send sms.

    What are sms credits?

    Sms credits are the credits used in sending sms. One sms deducts one sms credit from your account

    How much does sms credits cost?

    You can get sms credits for as low as #1 per sms credit depending no the quantity of sms credit, the more you buy the lesser the amount.

    What do you stand to gain with bulk sms?

    Almost all gsm networks charge #15, #9 e.t.c to send sms

    Now you would be sending sms for just #1 which is cost effective,

    Lets say you get a contract to send sms for an organization and you charge them #3 you would be buying at #1 and selling at #3 making a profit of #2 per text message. Lets say you send #10,000 messages daily for this organisations thats #30,000, subtract your initial capital of #10,000. You would be making a profit of #20,000.

    What are you waiting for Register now at

    and start sending Customised Bulk Sms
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