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Discussion in 'News in Nigeria' started by djayz1, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Scrumptious Cakes #Closertoyou at

    Having a fresh and finely baked cake for that special day of yours used to be a major task. Even after going through the rigors of your choice specifications and price negotiation, and then going to get your cake on the day of the event was no small trouble. In fact there are many stories of cakes getting damaged from the stress and amateur handling by the customers on their way back from the bakers place.

    But somewhere along the line, with innovation from technology, we have evolved to the point of having the confidence to purchase almost anything online. However when it comes to food, there seems to be some drawbacks, and more still when it’s food that is perishable within a short period or food that is best taken when fresh.

    This is the major reason why bringing the cake-making business into the online community maybe long overdue, but there remains some objections, as regards some peculiar complexities and attention from production to final delivery and consumption. Many have however, come to embrace the fact that right from their bedroom, they can order cake and have it delivered in no time. This has no doubt bring a great relieve to both customers and bakers alike.
    However, the midst of all this innovation, the process and quality of cake eventually delivered was far from being an Eldorado, meaning there was still hitches at some points that tends to pose a challenge to a to the happiness of both customers and the bakers. In fact, Most times if it is not well managed it could marred the entire process, leading to disappointment from the consumers. One of such issues is when people don’t get the actual quality or design they had ordered from online, this can create a big challenge.


    This is why Dreamtreats decided to step in, fill this need, and eliminate these challenges, and to offer the best cake service at the most affordable price. There is no stories, once you conclude on your specification for a particular cake via the online platform of Dreamtreats, with just a click, the team immediately goes into action to satisfy you 100%. One of their major selling point is that there is no variation between what you see online and what will be eventually delivered to you. In fact you can say at Dreamtreats, what you see is what you get. Their special team has mastered the art of delivering your cake to you wherever you are, this is because they do not subscribed to clients going through the challenge of coming to their office to book for cake.

    At Dreamtreats, they are not location bound or limited in any way, in fact, they are wherever you are, if you doubt it, order for a cake now on their online platform, and they will deliver it straight to you no matter where you are. And more than that, they deliver fresh without any damage to your cake, no matter your specification. This is because their special team of bakers understands the health implications of cakes when it loses its freshness.

    At Dreamtreats, they put your convenience, health, quality and expectations as customer into consideration, to give you the very best of service experience. Check them out today at

    Facebook: DREAMTREATS - Scrumptious Cakes, Exquisite Designs
    Twitter: @DreamtreatsCakes
    Instagram: @DreamtreatsCake
    Tel: 08028467629,08066495111

    This post first appeared on Linda Ikeji's Blog. Read the original story here.

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