Reason Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

Discussion in 'Phone Specs/Reviews and Price' started by Henryobinna, Oct 15, 2016.

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    Good day GurusLodgers,
    It's no news that the new released Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has been exploding here and there with pictures and videos littered all over the internet, the only thing that should sound like news is why the samsung galaxy note 7 really explodes. This is what I'm about showing you.

    Remember, following the first incidents of the exploding galaxy note 7 Samsung quickly issued a recall and without wasting time went straight to changing the batteries without analyzing properly what really caused the explosion, perhaps not only the battery is responsible but maybe a few other features considering the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is feature packed.

    Having said that, I'll like us to get to the real possible Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes.

    1. Demand For Faster Charging
    According to the information coming from a Samsung Executive, the demand for faster charging on the Samsung galaxy note 7 maybe one of the reasons why the note 7 explodes. This is because the processor of the Note 7 were was reported adjusted to speed up battery charging time. Here's an excerpt from what the executive had to say
    “If you try to charge the battery too quickly it can make it more volatile. If you push an engine too hard, it will explode. Something had to give. These devices are miracles of technology — how much we can get out of that tiny piece of lithium-ion,”

    To back up what the executive said CHipWorks has this to say "...the use of a Dialog DA9155 charging chip, alongside the familiar MAXIM power IC. Importantly, this DA9155 does not appear to be found inside the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. This chip is a slave charger that extends the current capabilities of a master power IC for increased charging currents up to an additional 2500mA. It’s controlled by the application processor (AP) and, interestingly, kicks in during the high-power constant current charging stage."

    Having seen the above, no need writing of the Demand For Faster Changing Could Be The Real Possible Reason The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes.

    2. Bad Batteries
    I know I said earlier the battery may not be the only reason why the Galaxy Note 7 explodes but that doesn't mean the battery is a saint in this considering that some Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reported exploded even while powered off and not charging. In such situations, the only culprit here is the battery and that's why Samsung went straight to changing the batteries on Note 7 without considering other possible causes of the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. In this case, I think Samsung has to go back to removable batteries. If battery is the cause of explosion of any phone with removable battery, the company has to just replace the batteries without unscrewing the devices thereby cutting cost.

    3. Not Enough Space Within The Phone For The Hardware(Battery)

    There's no doubt that much clustering of hardware in any electronic device can result in overheating. Especially overheating the battery which is our suspect in the second possible reason for the explosion of the GAlaxy Note 7.
    Now see why this is a possible reason for the explosion "Lithium-ion batteries found in today’s smartphones are already densely stacked in layers to maximise battery capacity, but there’s still a lot of competition for space inside handsets. Given the huge number of features packed inside the Galaxy Note 7, including wireless charging circuitry, processor cooling pipes, and the new iris scanner, it’s not difficult to believe that there was very little room for manufacturing errors in terms of internal space."


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