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    latest business invoke!!


    Introducing *icharity*
    Summary of icharity
    Icharity is a member to member payment.
    To join icharity is just 6000 naira,after paying the 6000 naira ,the icharity system will spillover 5 people to pay you 6000 each ,now 6000x5=30,000, you will now use 10,000 naira out of it to upgrade to grade 2, then 25 people under your own direct 5 will pay you 10,000 naira each to upgrade to grade 2 now ,10,000x25=250,000 naira,that's how you keep upgrading and your earnings keep on increasing unlimitedly,the best part is that there is rapid spillover in icharity ,you can earn all these without referring anyone through the rapid spillover that icharity has, icharityis great,chat me up for more info and proofs of payment *icharity* is real and confirmed, chat me up for more info and proofs of payment..........09039388621

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