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    Welcome to my Custom Firmware Thread
    Download C6 firmware CORE from

    Credits : PNHT, Upakul, garga, pirates_killer, iwalkwithshadow, liliantungary,paramole, babu.rajiv2007, varloformey, Mara, Red X and all my Derbhotjobs friends...

    If you like my work then please hit the green arrow.I just want a +1 from you, nothing else. Tongue

    Name : Photon^C6

    Model : Nokia 5800,5530,5230,5233,5235,5228

    Supported RM's : RM-356, RM-504, RM-588, RM-593, RM-625

    Base Firmware : C6 v20

    Languages Present : English Only

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    Performance Upgrades:
    - Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates
    - Phone FPS set as 30. CPU time set as 100%
    - Increased Response Rate (Now touchscreen will be more responsive)
    - Music Player response highly increased (Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons)
    - Reduced effects complexity which should result in a speed increase
    - Increased Heap Size further to boost up performance
    - Lags in Menu, messaging and Other Large Applications removed
    - Polished the UI for heavy usage
    - Phone will never slow down and the RAM won't be decreasing (RAM Caching modded)
    - 80MB+ on C:\ (Phone memory)
    - Free RAM after startup : 64MB
    - Average RAM: 60MB free
    - Smoother Kinetic Scrolling
    - Music Player is now a lot more faster!
    - Real Hack! (No need to use installserver.rmp patch anymore)
    - CPU mod optimized to get complete stability and a great battery life!

    General Modifications :
    - All C6 lights problem fixed. (Mod by mara(my friend))
    - Camera will not eat RAM after closing it.
    - Default Browser user agent changed to the one of N97 mini. So OVI store and some other sites will recognize your phone as Nokia N97 mini
    - Display lights timeout and automatic keyguard time set to 30 seconds.
    - Default bluetooth name: Nokia Photon^C6
    - FOTA reserved space removed to get more space in C:\ (Phone Memory)
    - USB now will name as Nokia Photon^C6
    - Voice recording during call fixed
    - RAM Cache in C:\ for better performance
    - Blazing Fast Screen Rotation
    - CPU load decreased (Get a very fast phone)
    - Enabled lock/unlock vibration
    - Disabled My Nokia Service
    - Zero start up of background applications
    - Auto optimization of RAM cache for keeping up your phone faster even after heavy usage
    - Blank UDA supplied to get highest possible free space on C:\
    - Lags in Menu removed. The Kinetic Scrolling is optimized (It is no very fast not very slow)
    - Display rotation is ON by default
    - Breathing light is OFF by default
    - Digital clock set as default. N8 Clock fonts used so the digital clock now looks like the N8 clock
    - Display light turns OFF and Phone gets locked in 30 seconds
    - Default Fonts Used
    - Operator Logo ON/OFF settings available in homescreen settings
    - Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging
    - Theme effects are OFF by default
    - Removed "Check for Updates" in Device Updates
    - "Summary after call" and "speed dialing" ON by default
    - "In call timer" ON by default
    - Profile "General" renamed to "Photon"
    - Homescreen landscape enabled. Dialer landscape disabled
    - Lags in Messaging apps removed

    - Widgetized Nokia C6 Homescreen
    - Full widgets support
    - Added 3 new shortcut bars
    - N97/N97 mini widgets can now be installed
    - 3 Additional shortcuts bar. Total : 5

    - Photon Splashscreen and Shutdownscreen.
    - My Own Menu Mod.
    - Startup animation removed for faster startup. (Check the booting speed yourself)
    - Bootscreen Volume set to : 10
    - Custom Boot/Shutdown animation locations -
    - Theme effects : Mixed with Rotation and Swipe effects.

    - Java permission is set to default
    - Real Hack (added modded installserver.exe)
    - SwiPolicy changed which enable to install almost apps without RomPatcher patch (Works 99%)
    - Secure Widget Preinstall (OVI Store Installer) will not run on first startup but will install at one click from menu icon


    - All C6 lights bugs are fixed. (Mod by mana)
    - Green Charging light disabled.

    - Added "View Images" in options>Display Settings
    - Download manager will be started on browser start-up to resume
    - Browser now can be rotated in landscape even sensor off, by going to options while browsing
    - Browser will prompt to continue download if there was a power failure
    - Browser Cache moved to E:\ and increased to 50MB

    - Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads
    - Nokia default file browser will show system folders in E:\


    - Camera will not leave in background after close it (SAVES RAM)
    - Voice recorder set to High quality
    - Voice recorder records up to 12 hours
    - Gallery will not mix up pictures and videos
    - Camera Image improved
    - Gallery searching improved
    - Share Online removed in Photo Apps Homescreen
    - OVI Music removed in Music Homescreen
    - Video Capture frame rate increased
    - Music Player will read E:\Music\
    - Music player refresh faster

    - Using 3x4 Menu modded by ME
    - All Lags in Menu removed
    - Applications Hidden : Conversations, OVI Sync
    - "Show Open Apps" Removed
    - Optimized to run very fast and smooth (Tweaked KS in Menu)

    - Messages sent by you will be saved up to 500 messages
    - Delivery reports ON by default
    - Messaging application no longer lags when containing large number of messages.

    - Photon Black (Default) (Nokia Theme Black by LA)
    - Photon White (Nokia Theme White by LA)
    - Photon Red (RoB Default Icons IND190)
    - Photon Blue (Petrol Blue)
    - Photon Green (Hijau Default Icons IND190)
    - Photon Steel (Modded Steel Dark by Giulio7g)


    - Maps 3.06
    - New Music Player wih lyrics support.
    - ROMPatcher+ 3.03 (Removed Startup Note)
    - Nokia File Browser
    - KillMe
    - Autoinstaller

    Added in Autoinstaller directory :

    - Notifications Widget
    - Best ScreenSnap v3.0
    - BTSwitch
    - RAM Blow 1.0
    - Opera Mini 5.1


    - About app
    - Ovi Music
    - My Nokia
    - Phone Switch
    - Voice Commands
    - Notes
    - Online Support
    - Share Online
    - Here and Now
    - OVI Contacts
    - Chat
    - Search
    - Help
    - Image Print

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    Wat of 5310xp music
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    Mehn: a phone containing all this features.

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    Derby da genius iZ Wt u are
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    xactly d same firmware being used by me

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    can dis work 4 c5?
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    check my s60v3 flashing thread
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    thank u...More Custom firewares cuming

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