Malware - what it is and why you should care

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    Computer Virus is a very popular term among phone/computer users - Atleast popular enough for the average device user. Because of it's popularity and fame, To most peopleComputer Virus tends to be the only harmful software in a device - While some thinks virus, malware, trojan horse, spyware etc. all mean and do the same thing. But in reality, they are wrong - Virus is not the only harmful software on your device, Infact:

    Malware: General term for all harmful software
    Malware which is derived from two words 'Malicious' and 'Software' is any program or piece of code written or designed with the primary aim of harming or creating havoc. Examples of Malware includes: virus, spyware, trojan horse, worm, adware, bug, bot, ransomeware and Rootkit. But in this post, we will only be looking virus, spyware, trojan horse, adware and worm.

    Virus destroy your information
    A Computer Virus is a form of malware that copies itself and infect a PC(personal system), from one file to another file and from one PC to another PC when the file is shared or copied. Most computer virus usually attach them self to an executable program which upon execution, it duplicate by taking a copy of itself and merging it with other files and program thus corrupting the program or file. The effect of a Computer virus includes deleting of data/files, files/data corruption, decrease in PC speed.

    Adware displays unwanted pop-up ads
    People usually mistake adware for virus, but basically adware is a another form of malware unknowingly installed on device(computers and mobile) that display unwanted advertisement to users when connected to the internet. the advert displayed can be in the form of website redirect, annoying pop-up ads, auto clicking of ads link, **** photos and videos. Do not mistake adware for some certified apps that contains adds e.g truecaller and some other free apps in google playstore.

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