How To Turn Selfies To Emojis, GIFs And Stickers

Discussion in 'Android Apps' started by Henryobinna, Sep 28, 2016.

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    hi nairalanders,
    today I'll show you a list of apps and websites you can use to create emojis, gifs and stickers from your selfies.

    sorry, I won't be able to post all download links(to avoid ban) you'd have to go the source.

    I'll just go straight to the point and list the apps.

    With Imoji turning selfie into emojis and stickers is easy as ABC. All you need is, launch the app, take a photo of yourself through the app, while you make sure your face is well positioned in the oval drawn for it. Done taking the photo, use the on screen eraser to clear other parts of the photo asides your facial expression. After doing that, imoji will automatically complete the rest of the job for you, save it and you have your photo/selfie turned into emoji/sticker. You can share this on messenger, whatsapp, twitter and any other.
    Download Imoji Apk


    MSQRD is an app spelt masquerade without any of the vowels. How to turn selfi to emoji with MSQRD app.
    Launch the app, with your front-facing camera, position your face to the “mask” outline on the screen. Choose a filter from the options, like a panda or a scary clown mask, and watch as it is applied on your face, moving in real-time with you. You can either record it as a video or take a picture. Your can share your newly created emoji with your friends on any of the social media apps.
    Download MSQRD

    And Then I Was Like

    Ok, this is just the name of the app/website. And Then I Was Like uses your selfie camera to create a personal reaction GIF for you, very simple!
    Here's how And Then I Was Like works, Grant it access to your selfie cam, tap the record button, and you have three seconds to record your selfie(at this point, your express any reaction). The app will automatically turn it into a GIF quickly, and even lets you edit the speed and looping. Simple, yet cool. Works on both mobile and desktop. After recording download it first, then you can share to any social app of your choice.
    Go to And Then I Was Like To turn your selfi into GIFs.

    Face Melody
    Face Melody makes music from your face, not really. It makes music for your face. Face Melody asks you to upload your picture with your webcam, and measures your face’s color, lightness, smile, and balance. Based on these attributes, Face Melody’s algorithm matches them to musical notes. Different songs for different faces. Face Melody is owned by a Japanese company, don't worry there's an English version this is it
    Face Melody In English

    that's all you need to start producing emojis, GIFs, stickers from your selfies.


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