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    Have you downloaded files using Internet Download Manager(idm) and for some reason you interrupted or suspended the download at 90% and then you tried to resume the download later, your worst fears came through….the download started from the beginning!! If you have been in the situation, do not be scared, I will show you the easy solution today.
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    Cause of Expired/Interrupted Internet download manager (IDM) Download
    A lot of sites use temporary links which cannot be requested twice or temporary links which expire after your online session is expired. So when your download gets interrupted and the link dies you can’t resume your download from the same link. So what Internet download manager does is to look for the new link and ask you to restart your download from the beginning but I am here to teach you a simple way to obtain the new link and resume your download without restarting your download from beginning. Follow my steps below
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    Steps To Resume Expired/Interrupted Internet download manager (IDM) Download
    1. When you receive the warning from Internet Download Manager that it’s about to restart your download, click the “cancel” button.
    2. Then right click on the file you were downloading that got interrupted and select the ‘Refresh download address’ option.
    3. A dialog box which says “IDM will open a web page in your browser where it captures this download.
    4. Start the download of the same file from your browser again, and IDM will try to capture a new address or new session data to resume this download.
    5. Click ok and wait for your IDM to try and capture new address or session data for the file to resume the download.
    6. Another smaller dialog box with “Stop waiting” button will appear while a tab opens on your browser to locate the file’s new address.
    7. Once a new link has been found, IDM will immediately resume your download.
    8. Now your download will resume to completion.

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