How To Make An Animted Logo.

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    How To Make An Animted Logo, the easy way

    Things you will need:
    1. Photoshop or Paintshop (any versions)
    2. Xara3D 5.xx
    3. Jasc animation shop 3.xx
    4. DUH!! A pic you want as a logo LOL

    Things you MIGHT need:

    1. a computer
    2. Internet connection
    3. consciousness
    4. corn on the cob

    Here they are for your convinience:
    Adobe Photoshop CS v8.0

    Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.0 Retail ... 22210.html

    Xara3D 5.02 ... xara3d.htm

    Jasc Animation Shop ... p_311.html

    1. Using your photo editor fix/touch up you pic/logo to your liking….too easy(example bellow)
    user posted image

    2. Save it some where easy to find, for example “C:\picturesâ€
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    AM ON IT...naso

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