How To Get Another(Burner) Phone Number Without Buying A SIM Card On ANdroid

Discussion in 'Android Apps' started by Henryobinna, Oct 15, 2016.

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    Good Morning ,
    today i'm going to show you how to do what the title of this thread says.
    In order not to make the post too long I'll go straight to the point and show you apps that can do that easily.
    download links for all of them are available at the source.
    NOTE: This is for educational purpose only, as it has been reported that criminals use this a lot. So you're responsible for what ever you use these burner/temporary phone numbers for. Neither myself no Guruslodge is to be held responsible.

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    In the introduction I mentioned PayPal and Nigeria, it's no news that Nigerian Paypal accounts don't receive funds, so the only way out for Nigerians who want to use a full functional PayPal account is to employ the use of Burner phone numbers for verification. That's just one usefulness of the burner phone numbers to non-criminals.

    Just like most other tricks on android, getting burner phone numbers require the use of some useful android apps, these apps range from free to paid ones, irrespective of that they're still useful long as they accomplish the task. I'm going to list and give a short review on some of the best apps that enable us get burner phone numbers on our android smartphones.

    How To Get Burner(Temporary) Phone Numbers On Android

    1. Hushed

    This is the first app on my list of best apps that gives us access to burner phone numbers. Why did Hushed appear first? because Hushed has a large number of countries it supports. 40 country burner phone numbers are available on Hushed. That's an advantage for your country is likely to be supported too. On the other side, Hushed isn't free as it requires monthly subscription, but for the first 3 days Hushed offers free service to those who are in the USA or Canada.

    Download Hushed Apk To Get Your Burner Phone Number

    2. CoverMe

    I like the name of this burner phone number app, CoverMe. CoverMe just as the name suggests not only offer you a burner phone number but also covers you from preying eyes by encrypting your calls and texts through the app, this encryption only works if the receiver also has the CoverMe app installed on their smartphone. CoverMe app is free, with call packages starting at $4.99 for 130 texts and 130 minutes, and a $5.99 charge for premium features.
    CoverMe burner phone number app offers phone njumbers from the U.S., Canada, U.K., China, and Mexico.

    Download CoverMe Apk

    3. Sideline

    Sideline just like the name suggests gives you another side line(phone number) just like side chick. Sideline burner phone number app is an awesome burner app among it's peers on this list of apps that offer burner phone numbers, because it is free and still offers unlimited texts.
    To cover it's service(since it's free) Sideline app displays ads on your android smartphone, but if you want the ad removed permanently a subscription fee of $2.99 per month is required.

    Download Sideline Apk

    4. TextPlus

    I think my list of apps that offer burner phone numbers is not complete without Textplus. On the TextPlus website this is what they say: Your Device & WiFi(internet) + TextPlus phone number & app = Free unlimited text. For less than 2 cents/minute.
    Basically, TextPlus is free to other textplus phone numbers but to call other phone numbers(i.e non-textplus phone number) is not free, you pay pennies according to them. This is really awesome. I can say Textplus is the best and one of the most popular burner phone number app available since they boast of over 60 million users in the world.

    Download TextPlus Apk

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    there is no sense to it,,procedure for use????????????

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