Tutorial How to block ads on your system entirely [Detailed Guide]

Discussion in 'Tech Discussions' started by Dmedal!on, Oct 7, 2016.

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    How to block ads on your system entirely without Extension
    Hello everyone,
    I know most us haven’t had an idea how to go about this issue in particular, meanwhile some of us because of this issue they ignore visiting some web pages or feel bad and just leave that webpage In the name of ad frustration.

    Well I didn’t say blocking ads is a good idea because its how website owner survive from their own hustle, but to some website owners they can frustrate your browsing experience that on their webpages first mouse click will give u a crazy pop-up and a new window, lol… its not easy.

    Some of us have been able to counter this problem while some still cant,

    There are various ways to fix it . On various browsers you can some cool extensions most especially ‘Adblock Plus’ its available for Chrome and for Mozilla Firefox.
    Or if you are a big fan of running crazy scripts on your web browser, then use TamperMonkey for Chrome and GreaseMonkey for Mozilla Firefox.

    Then speaking of the most interesting one called Adgaurd, really cool because all you have to do is install it, patch it to Pro edition, leave it running in BG, that’s all your entire system is adfree.

    Although for me I use all three techniques and my browsing/surfing is 100% controlled by what I want..not what the website owner wants.

    As time goes on I will explain the script aspect or drop a tutorial for that.


    Now Download Adguard from Here.
    Unpack and you should have this

    1. Install AdGuard, after installation is complete.
    2. Click on the patch folder, select the patch program you see there and open it(Hit Yes).On the next screen. [IMG]
    3. Hit the Button that says “Patch”. [IMG]
    4. Wait for about a minute or less, once successful you will get the yellow “Patch Ok’ Button. And that’s that. Run the program.[IMG][IMG]
    5. Check your task manager and see it running. On various web pages you might get a message that you cant view page because you have an ad service running.[IMG]
    6. Check the lower right of that page to see your secure ad logo,[IMG]
    7. Select ‘Add Exception’ click on it.[IMG]
    8. And either exempt that particular page alone or exempt the entire site. Anywhich way you prefer.

    That’s that Guys. Easy easy easy..
    Please do not hesitate to drop your feedback

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