How To Avoid Getting Cheated (scammed) At Computer Village.

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    It is generally agreed that the Computer Village, located in Ikeja, Lagos is the biggest computer and gadgets market in the West Africa.

    If you are visiting computer village for the first time – your experience may quickly turn from amazement by the sheer number of people and activities that the market contains daily to anger, disappointment and disbelief at how quickly you have been separated from your money by aggressive, desperate men and woman who assemble at the market trying to make their fortune from innocent and unsuspecting first time buyers. Except you religiously follow this guide until at least you know how the market works.

    1. Never Patronize street Hawkers/Sellers: Situation: the moment you set foot in the market these street hustlers will start advertising all sort of product and services to you, sometimes they make targeted guesses at what you need and many times they are right (they have a lot of practice).

    Reality: These Guys Have no shops, no products and no traceable location. in the best case scenario they take you to a shop and pretend to own it, they then inflate the price of the product – so they make a cut big or small off whatever you buy in that shop. in the worse case scenario they sell you defective or bad products right there on the street and disappear into thin air like magic..... More to follow

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