Footballer Gareth Bale’s in-laws go into hiding & may be given new identities after 'drug...

Discussion in 'News in Nigeria' started by djayz1, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Footballer Gareth Bale’s in-laws go into hiding & may be given new identities after 'drug gang' allegedly burn their home and cars

    The relatives of football star Gareth Bale's fiancée Emma Rhys Jones are set to change their names and are currently in a police 'safe house' after they were targeted by drug gangs who allegedly burnt their cars and houses as they searched for missing suitcase containing £1million worth of cash and drugs.

    Emma Rhys Jones, 27, was horrified when one of her cousins- Epihany Dring went missing before two cars belonging to Emma’s aunt Annabella Williams, 55, were burnt last month.
    Emma’s grandparents’ home in Cardiff was also set on fire in the attack and the footballer Gareth Bale in order to ensure their safety, has moved them into police safe houses and is working on plans to change their identities.
    Epiphany Dring, Emma's cosuin hasn't still been seen for six weeks now.
    After Emma's aunt Annabella Williams home in Flint, North Wales, was burnt on September 20, her son launched a revenge attack against Epiphany’s mum the same morning claiming they were responsible for the attacks. He was arrested and is now set to be sentenced to court.
    Annabella Williams son's defence said:
    “The police are now helping the Williams family and the indication is they will be moved out of the area, possibly changing their names.”
    Police are trying to trace Epiphany, who they believe has flown to Malaysia..
    Source: Mirror UK

    This post first appeared on Linda Ikeji's Blog. Read the original story here.

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