Can 3 wolves kill a healthy adult gorilla in a fight?

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    Who would win in a fight: 1 gorilla or a pack of 3 wolves?

    I have witnessed a pack of 4 wolves attacking a young bear… who may have been a year old, so I would say he was about a quarter of the strength of an adult Gorilla.

    Now , if the wolves would have killed him easily… I’d say maybe they have a chance against an adult Gorilla… but they didn’t !

    They wounded him but he wounded them even more…and they eventually gave up and he ran away to his mom.

    Do you think 3 of them have a chance against this ??

    I say NO WAY !!

    First , because wolves attack animals that are running away from them… that’s where they bite you from behind - and jump on you from the side… using the surprise factor and momentum of running.
    But a Gorilla would never run away from Wolves…

    Second, because I’ve seen a Gorilla break a 4 inch thick glass - a Glass you would not be able to break with a hammer… he broke it with his hands !
    This creature is massive and strong like you cannot imagine…

    7 years ago I got to play shortly with a baby Gorilla when I was helping at the Zoo; now, I am never scared of animals - but this baby scared the heck out of me… the moment he held my hand - I felt like Superman is holding me… it felt like he was a Bionic machine with super powers… he was THAT strong.

    Now , imagine an adult Gorilla… 20 times stronger than this baby… it’s beyond your imagination …just ask anyone that works in the Zoo and interacted with those magnificent creatures - they’ll tell you stories you won’t believe on how strong they are.

    If a Gorilla slams a wolf on his head - that’s it for the wolf… he is a goner.
    If he catches one - his tail or his leg - he will throw him in the air like it was a dirty diaper… for tens of feet far.

    Now , a Gorilla is also a creature of Honor - and he won’t run away from wolves and I think that by itself will deter wolves from attacking a Gorilla.
    Almost any animal will choose not to attack you if you’re not afraid of them and not running away… they will not see you as prey but perhaps a predator and they will fear you.

    And even if they will attack a Gorilla - the first hit… the first time they will feel his power… they will back away and leave him alone.

    To me - a Gorilla vs. 3 Wolves is like a WWF wrestler vs. 3 teenagers…
    They can threaten him - curse at him and think they can beat him up… 3 on one… why not ? - but the moment he’ll put his hand on one of them - they’ll run crying to mommy…


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