An important question for atheists

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ItuExchange, Oct 16, 2016.

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    Atheists are human beings like us, and they’ve their reasons for believing there’s no God. For them the so-called “spiritual experiences” don’t work for them.

    But I know the most important reasons we’re religious is because of heavenly rewards, Or because of what would happen to us when we die (because of what would happen to us for eternity). This is the core reason behind Islam and Christianity; all other reasons are secondary.

    I’ve seen atheists/agnostics who’re really good. They’re honest, dependable and sensible. They’re happy and successful in life. I’ve seen religious people being dishonest, roguish, and daft. Some of them are failures and unhappy. Yet, they’ve have heavenly hopes.

    Now let me ask… Why are there atheists/agnostics that are good citizens, good friends, and good neighbors? One of them once told me that it’s good to be good, but NOT because of heavenly rewards.

    Perhaps they’re good to avoid going to jail or tarnishing their family names.

    Now, if there are no hopes of heavenly rewards… why do atheist do good things? In their viewpoints, what’s the benefits of doing good and disadvantages of doing bad?

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