Why VPNs Are A Safer Choice Than Proxies, Checkout!

Discussion in 'Internet Tunneling' started by Gurubaba41, Aug 22, 2017.

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    In the past most people never knew of VPN's and many believed that proxies were the safest way to stay anonymous on the internet, and also hide ones data and personal information. But the truth actually is that both VPN and proxies hides your identity on the internet.
    What is a VPN :

    A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet.VPNs are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data.

    The average internet user or will I say a novice internet user presume that both VPN and proxies are the same , yes somehow correct but I bet you using a proxy gives scammers, hackers and proxy company easy access to your information, after all you don't want you data to be leaked.
    Proxies Have Security Vulnerabilities

    Proxies might seem like a great option, especially for the novice internet user who isn’t well-versed in the world of cyber security. But proxies have a number of issues. They are notoriously difficult to setup, they don’t always hide your online traffic well, and they don’t secure your data at all. They only tend to change your IP address sometimes.

    Advantages of using a VPN
    Some of the advantages of using. VPN are
    √ Browsing Anonymously
    √ Swapping Countries
    √ Visiting Blocked and Restricted Sites.
    √ Torrents Download.
    Download VPN to browse Anonymously HERE
    For proxies checkout this list of 50 best proxies HERE
    Hello! Guys today I would be dropping a cheat on free browsing for Glo 0.0k using tweakware considering the first stoppage of 60mb free daily with tweakware by 9mobile and also the Airtel unlimited free browsing with amaze VPN also blocked.
    Airtel unlimited free browsing looked promising when it came, and many were not previlaged to use it before it was blocked.
    Well I guess you are still reading, anyway ride on because we will soon get there.

    Considering our quest for data I decided to drop this and it is the latest free browsing for now, its been on for a while but you all know the poor state of Glo network in Nigeria, and with that many people even forgot about this cheat.

    But that's no problem now below are the requirements for this latest free browsing cheat.
    Note: the best time to use this free browsing cheat is by 3a.m it works best by that time or anytime Glo 3G or 4G network is stable.
    Requirements for Glo unlimited.
    √ Registered Glo sim card with no data plan.
    √ Android phone with 3G or 4G.
    Features of tweakware.
    √ Browsing anonymously.
    √ Assessing of blocked sites.
    √ Swapping of countries.
    √ Download tweakware from google playstore or follow this link
    √ Install the application then put on your 3G or 4G network on.
    √ Choose Glo 0.0k on the tweakware then connect , see picture below.

    After connecting it would begin to read see picture below.

    Please after trying this and it works for you try commenting and sharing this post to friends they would love you for that.

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