Why Infinix Sells More Than Tecno Despite Having Lesser Marketing Strategy

Discussion in 'Pc Free Browsing Codes And Tips' started by Cgwandy, Apr 8, 2016.

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    in nutshell infinix phone sells more than tecno these days despite tecno fierce marketing strategy these are the reasons :

    1 Affordable with quality :
    it's no more news that infinix hot note pro was one of the highest sold smart phone in Nigeria and Africa, people saw the phone as a must have because of it's features and price.
    infinix hot note pro comes with 4000mAh battery 32gb rom 2gb ram 5.5" 8mp camera and lots more at less than 26k now tell me any tecno phone with 2gb ram at 26k talk more of 4000mAh battery so why won't it sell like pure water?
    tecno phantom 5 was marketed like crazy including some people faking stories just to market it more but yet it didn't receive a breakthrough because in the midst of this harsh economy someone will rather go for galaxy note 3 which will have a nice selling value in 3-4 years time than tecno phantom 5 which the value decreases as soon as you open the carton
    ok why will I buy boom j8 when I can get gionee, infinix note 2 xiaomi and co with more features at the same price.
    yes I appreciate the effort of tecno in Africa but they should know that they have rivalries and they need to up their game or go into oblivion like Nokia.
    you don't see infinix or gionee with such noise because their product quality and price do the talking
    an adage says that good market sells itself.

    2. poor marketing strategy and unnecessary comparison :

    to be honest am a huge fan of tecno till they start comparing themselves with some high end devices like Samsung and the almighty apple.

    yes am a huge fan of Android and will choose android over iPhone anytime infact I'll choose iPhone, sell it and buy android and still have some change left but you can never compare iPhone to android when it comes to processor though snapdragon are competing but apple are still baba when it comes to processor.

    ok imagine where Samsung running latest snapdragon competing with Apple then tecno with mtk Chipset sets in isn't that funny?

    I started disliking tecno because of that and i believe many are also angry at that useless marketing strategy. this is what you'll never see the likes of infinix or gionee do because they knew that they are not high end device and we love them for whom they are.

    gionee even have some device running snapdragon yet you won't see them comparing and people patronize them.
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