What do professors think of students who fall asleep in class?

Discussion in 'Other Institutions' started by ItuExchange, Apr 9, 2017.

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    When a student falls asleep in my class, I have a feeling of sympathy. Nonetheless, it is not in his/her best interest to miss my lecture.

    What I typically do (my students can verify this) is wait a minute or two until I am getting to an important part of the lecture. Then I ask a nearby student to wake up the sleeper. When I do that, I explain to the newly-awakened that we were getting to something important, and I didn't want him/her to miss it.

    For the next two weeks, nobody falls asleep in my class. Nobody wants to be awakened in that manner. And I do it very politely. Even so, I've often had the student come up to me after class to apologize. I tell the student that I have sympathy; I remember how difficult it was to be a student, and how I often did not get enough sleep.


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