The most useless college majors

Discussion in 'University And Schools' started by ItuExchange, May 11, 2017.

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    What are the most useless college majors?
    As far as job availability, knowledge that you'll retain in the future, and maybe the ease of the classes.

    I spoke with a recruiter recently.

    His company represents thousands of employers.

    I asked him what the most in-demand degrees or skills are for employers right now.

    Engineering and welding.

    If you asked this a couple of years ago it would’ve been different.

    In a few years, once everyone has shifted toward engineering and welding, there will be an over-supply of these skills.

    Don’t just get a degree, learn skills.

    All degrees are useless if you don’t have experience or learn marketable skills.

    I have a Biological Sciences degree and an MBA.

    I do digital marketing consulting for businesses.

    I learned all of this on the job or via online courses.

    None of what I do now required a degree.

    Learn evergreen skills: Sales, people skills, leadership.

    You can get any degree.

    But make sure you are developing skills.

    Learn skills.
    Get experience.
    Learn to sell yourself.


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