Super Mario Bros apk for Android!

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by Gamer324, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Legendary Super Mario Bros can be played on Android with one little 2Mb apk!
    You don't need any emulator, any rom, any controller or gamepad, just download apk and you're ready to play Super Mario Bros on mobile!!

    Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-05-23.png Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-05-42.png Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-06-17.png Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-07-49.png Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-25-11.png Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-22-47.png Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-26-29.png Screenshot_2017-07-21-18-23-39.png

    Download now and enjoy this childhood game.with only 2Mb!
    No internet required, no ads!!
    Also other games like Contra and Bomberman is available

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