Someone broke your heart? Here’s the best way to revenge

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    What is the best way to get revenge on someone who broke your heart?

    I dated a girl in college whom I thought I might marry. She felt the same though we never planned it.

    Then one evening my world exploded.

    After having a few too many drinks with a friend, he confessed he’d had an affair with her while I was gone to boot camp.

    “Are you f*#king kidding me?” I screamed.

    “Sorry, just wanted you to know,” he called as he ran out the door ducking for cover.

    I flipped out and started throwing bottles.

    I understood for the first time how a person wigs out and beats up someone else.

    Instead, thankfully, I just took off. Roamed for a few days. Gave myself time to calm down and get rational.

    Marriage never exactly entered our conversation again. We’d still see each other occasionally but never anything serious. I simply never trusted her.

    Interestingly she and my friend never saw each other again.

    My senior year, I met a beautiful young woman who was just as beautiful on the inside .

    I hadn’t trusted anyone with love since that night. Too many wounds.

    But this young woman was different. I somehow knew.

    And for 45 years she has proven it over and over.

    My wife and I happened to see the other woman years ago. She’d never married.

    Perhaps revenge was her seeing what might have been. Though honestly, I didn’t care anymore.

    And I’m thankful every day I found the one I married.

    The best revenge for a broken heart is to love again and forget about revenge.


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