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Discussion in 'Android Modding, tips, tricks and ROM discussion' started by EFCC, Mar 10, 2013.

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    As Moderators of this section. We'll be grateful if you can follow these rules carefully and stick to them. Failure to adhere to these rules may lead to drastic actions by the admin, Thanks!!!

    First, read and get used to Guruslodge Rules And Regulations

    TOPICS/THREADS: Always Check before posting a thread. Lets try and avoid unnecessary repetitions on the board. Always post relevant threads; any thread that is not related to Mobile Apps will be removed from the board. Dont duplicate your topics/threads cos if you do, they'll be deleted.

    Always use Good, Descriptive Titles For New Threads . . . Don't be surprised if a moderator modifies the title of your new thread to make it more descriptive.

    When posting in a thread,Always stay on topic, Do not derail the thread. . .
    off topic posts will be deleted.
    Always respect each others opinion. .
    no foul comments or public fights.
    Be nice (considerate, polite, helpful),
    Dont hesitate to use the Report to Moderator
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