N2000 and two referrals can earn you N112M in one year

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    *Welcome to excess without stress where you earn N112m with only N2000 and two referrals*
    *For further emphasis, here is an easy breakdown of Jamalifehelpers compensation plan*
    Jamalifehelpers global continue waxing stronger bcos the number of people joining everyday is on the increase. Are u still doubting the biz wt affordable registration fee #2k
    Let me take quickly tru mini seminar to again acquaint u wt more fact about jamalifehelpers
    U register wt 2k
    Those already registered opened 7 accts each, and that made them to be all in stage 2 now
    Actually we agree in our team to register 7account, though not compulsorily for those who can't afford that at the moment...
    *Let me use 1 Account to give an example of benefits one stand to make:*
    #200 per members under u
    6people x 200 = #1200
    #600 per head
    14people x600 = #8400
    #4000 per head
    14people x 4000 = #56,000
    #22,000 per head
    14people x 22000 = #308,000
    Plus food items worth #50,000
    #100,000 per head
    14people x 100,000 = #1.4m
    Plus #400,000 to buy house hold needs/choice devices, and food voucher worth #100,000
    #320,000 per head
    14people x 320,000 = #4.48m
    Plus mini SUV jeep worth $13,000 (#5.2m), and food voucher worth #150,000
    #4.6m per head
    14people x 4.6m = #22.4m
    Plus travel worth $10,000 (#4m) and jeep of ur choice worth $50,000 (#20m), and food voucher worth #200,000
    #8m per head
    14people x 8m = #112m
    Plus housing fund worth $300,000 (#120m) and choice of range Rover worth $170,000 (#68m), and food voucher worth #250,000
    Infinity stage $20,000 (#8m) once any downlines drop under u to infinity
    You will make all this from a one-off payment of 2k/$5
    *Multiple Accounts gives multiple benefits as each 1 account earns the above. In other words, 7accounts for example earn 7times what 1 account will earn; it equals 7 of everything 1 account earns in 7 places - 7 Choice Devices/Household equipments, 7 Cars, 7 Choice Jeeps, 7 Range Rovers, 7 Stage 8 housing funds etc!*
    $ rate is 400
    To register, contact me on 09032123000
    Join our whatsapp group
    *Members from other African countries,india,china,usa, and allover the world can join*

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