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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by tuto.doronize, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Hello everyone, today i want to help music bloggers like me that aren't cool with uploading and typing words for their music blog posts almost every second of the day.

    Undoubtedly, if you are in the music blogging niche, you will definitely agree with me that, it's very tasky to write about new songs, especially when it's obvious that new songs normally comes out every single (if not hourly or seconds) day.

    However, i am here to take all those stress from music bloggers away from music bloggers.

    Recently, i stumbled upon a script that is designed to automatically update itself from the web as soon as new songs are released.

    This time, you don't need to write or upload anything on your website. It instantly updates itself with descriptions for every song and also makes download link for every song with high quality audio links.

    This is a brand new way to make huge income from adverts like ADSENSE and others without any stress at all.

    Check my own website you will see that the website is not like all the music blogs out there.

    The best or should i say, great thing about this kind of website is that, you only build backlinks to make it rank on the first page on google and leave the rest to be handled by the website script automatically.

    Due to its massive way of updating itself with latest songs from everywhere on the internet, the traffic greatly increases to millions after some months of launching.

    Meanwhile, i have already gotten this script and i am willing to use it to launch music download websites at a cheaper rate (than i bought it) for the first 10 music enthusiasts that would like to make heavy income with a music website of their own.

    Contact me: 08115072332 (Nigerians mainly)
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    Can every Nigerian do this, and go out of poverty line?

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