JAMB – an evil that brings out stupidity in Nigerians

Discussion in 'Jamb And Post Ume's' started by ItuExchange, Oct 5, 2017.

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    Before the creation of an evil called JAMB, people had been going into higher institutions.

    Why was JAMB created? No logical reasons than this “WAEC” can’t be trusted anymore. Yes, it’s possible for you to pass WAEC WASCE while you’re grossly incompetent academically. JAMB was created to check incompetent students from going into higher institutions, but the mission has failed.

    Nigeria has always produced incompetent graduates.

    People can gain admission into any higher institutions abroad, as long as they have good WAEC results. You do something like TOEFL, IELTS, etc. only to show that you can study in the language of instruction of the school where you’re going.

    If WAEC results are enough for me to study abroad, where the quality of education is far superior, then why not in my country?

    If the authorities think that WAEC, NECO are now corrupt and can’t be sufficient enough to prove students’ competence, why don’t they sanitize WAEC and NECO? Why don’t they let those who need to go to jail, go to jail? Why creating another evil (JAMB) to add to people’s problems, frustrations and hopelessness?

    I foresee a future where this evil called JAMB would be scrapped. It’s redundant. It’s unnecessary? It wastes people’s monies and time. It brings out stupidity in Nigerians.

    Many glitches, allegations and lack of foresight around JAMB also testify to this.

    It would be stupid for students not see any other numerous ways to get admission into higher institutions in this country, without sitting JAMB. Yes, there are many alternative routes.

    When you see millions of students, who don’t know what they want to do with their life (they go to school because every Tom, Dick and Harry is going to school), crying, mourning and fighting because of JAMB. You need to ask, are these leaders of tomorrows?

    Leaders of tomorrows who can’t see many alternatives under their noses?

    JAMB recently lower their cut-off marks.

    Honestly, the only good thing in JAMB is the fact that it provides employment for some people. JAMB has staff all over the country, who are breadwinners of their families. When they get paid, they take care of others.

    If JAMB is scrapped, its workers will lose their jobs. So for the workers to maintain their jobs, JAMB would need to continue to exist.

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