Job Posting How to make 2$to 5 $for clixsense and neobux

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    Two 100% legit sites to earn good money without investment

    The two sites are Neobux and Clixsense

    Neobux is PTC site which pay you money for viewing ads. Different firms pay Neobux to place their advertisements on , On Neobux, u can earn by viewing ads, playing games, taking surveys, taking mini jobs and referring your friends
    Through this system all three parties (advertisers, Neobux and users) are ensured to benefit.
    Clixsense is like neobux but u don’t need to view ads. On Clixsense, u earn by playing games, taking surveys, taking mini jobs and referring your friends
    Neobux has been paying since 2008. and
    Clixsense has been paying since 2007.
    NOTE: Neobux is very strict and you can never access the site when using vpn. Disable your VPN and access the site with your country ip. You won't have a problem this way.
    NOTE: Clixsense is not that strict like neobux nd you can use your country ip to access it and u you can use your phone to access the clixsense site unlike neobux
    When it comes to finding a genuine site to make money online for free, probably and will come first. It is a ptc site but offers different ways of earnings

    How to Start Earning
    First we need to register an account on neobux and clixsense
    To register on neobux, click here
    To register on Clixsense, click here

    The registration is pretty easy though you will need to provide ur preferred payment method. Clixsense and neobux accepts payza, Skrill and neteller. I use skrill and withdrawal to my skrill is instant. Skrill accepts Nigeria and other countries. Register a skrill account here if you don’t have one already:
    1, To earn atleast 6 dollars on neobux daily, u will need to refer your friends and/or rent referrals. With that u are guaranteed of atleast 6 dollars daily in a space of 4 months depending on how active u are on the site
    2, To earn atleast 20 dollars on clixsense monthly, u will need to invite ur friends and always check for surveys and mini jobs

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    Crowdflower account needed.
    Pm if you got for sale.

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