How To Know If Your Smartphone Can Play Virtual Reality Videos

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    Today, this is another blog post on virtual reality on this site, I think this post should have come earlier or so. Anyway, in this post I’ll be showing you how yu can confirm the virtual reality compatibility of your (android) smartphone, so at the end of the post you’d know if your smartphone can play virtual reality videos, that is it’s virtual reality compatible or not. You’ll know this through the different approaches or methods which I’ll outline and of course explain. This is because most phone except for few newer ones don’t come out of the box with a tag ‘this phone is virtual reality compatible’, so it’s important we know if the device we currently own support virtual reality incase we’re interested in the technology or not. First we check out what are the requirements for virtual reality on a smartphone.

    Smartphone Requirements For Virtual Reality

    • Length, the maximum length for your smartphone virtual reality compatibility is: 165mm while the minimum is 135mm.
    • Accelerometer sensor: the work of this sensor is to let the phone(the android system) know when the linear orientation of your phone changes, something like when your change the position of your phone from portrait to landscape mode. The accelerometer won’t work if the phone is place flat say on a table.
    • Gyroscope sensor: the gyroscope sensor of your phone acts similarly to the accelerometer, it also detects when the orientation of your phone changes. The gyroscope detects the twist and tilt movement. For example the gyroscope comes into action when you place your phone flat on say a table and rotate it, the screen orientation changes all thanks to the gyroscope sensor and not accelerometer.
    • Magnetometer: this is an awesome sensor and kinda special in comparison with the two sensors above, too bad it’s not always on many phones that’s why you need this post. The magnetometer or the compass sensor lets the phone know it’s position with respect to the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetometer also come into play when you want to do awesome things with your android like detect metals and precious materials with your android.

    Now, that we’re done knowing what the virtual reality requirements for a smartphone are, the next is to get into the deal of the day. Which is How To Check Your Smartphone VR Compatibility.

    How To Check Your Smartphone VR Compatibility

    VR Checker, how to check android phone vr compatibility

    First Method To know Your Smartphone Virtual Reality Compatibility:

    With the use of the Freefly VR Website. Freefly VR is a virtual reality company, on their website you can use their compatibilty check too to know if your smartphone supports virtual reality or can play virtual reality videos and games. head over to the Freefly VR website and check the list present their if your phone is listed. If it’s not listed, don’t worry just use the search option, and if you still can find your phone, go to the next method to know if your smartphone is virtual reality compatible.

    Second Method To know Your Smartphone Virtual Reality Compatibility:

    YouTube App, as explained in this post, the latest YouTube app can be used to know if your phone can play virtual reality videos. But how? Update your YouTube app if you’re not running the latest and…
    1. Pick one 360/VR video from this YouTube’s own virtual reality video palylist.
    2. Go full-screen and put your phone in landscape mode.
    3. Tap the button shaped like Google Cardboard logo.
    4. Your screen will divide into two parts showing the same video.
    5. Try to tilt and rotate your smartphone and check if the video also rotates. If it does, then congrats, your smartphone is virtual reality compatible.
    As easy as that, this is clearly the best and of course easiest method to know if your android smartphone is virtual reality compatible or can play virtual reality videos and games.

    Third Method To know Your Smartphone Virtual Reality Compatibility:

    Now the third and last method to know if your smartphone is virtual reality compatible. This is with the use of virtual reality apps. like the EZE VR app, with a tap the app quicklt checks if your smartphone is virtual reality compatible, download EZE VR App.
    Another app is the VR Checker app, unlike the EZE VR app this app immediately it is run displays your phones’s informtation and tells you if its virtual reality compatible with ratings. The VR Checker app rates your smartphone’s VR compatibiliy with one of these; Optimum, Compatible, or Incompatible for VR headsets. Download VR Checker app.

    You can also use the official Google Carboard app to checj your smartphone’s VR compatibility by,
    1. Downloading the latest Google Cardboard app from the Play Store.
    2. Inside the app, go to the Get Apps section.
    3. Scroll through the list of VR apps.
    4. For any app, tap the maximize icon on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail to go full screen.
    5. Tilt and Rotate your smartphone in different directions.

    That’s all on this post about How To Check Your Smartphone VR Compatibility. Of course there are other apps that coukd be used to check if your smartphone is virtual reality compatible or can play virtual reality videos and games. I also hope it answered your question, is my phone virtual reality compatible? If it did congrats and please do share this post with your .friends on social media


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