How To Fix Glo Network Issues and Subscribe to their Data plan

Discussion in 'Internet Tunneling' started by snows, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Hello guys,
    For the past 2 days has been experiencing a massive wave of network issues and it affected us the users as well, I don't if you've noticed but you cant subscribe to any data plan, you'll see this message instead
    "Dear Customer, To know more data plan options please dial *777#, For subscription status and remaining volume dial *127*0#."
    Also there customer care service isn't active till now, if you call U'll just be in a Loop of senseless Adverts .
    Alternate way of Subscribing
    To subscribe just Text "ACTIVATE" to 127
    And you'll be provided with the same listing as the SME Code..
    Follow the procedures and that's all.

    Hope this is helpful?

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