Get Cards and Cash Without Paying Any kobo (100% real)

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by damisko, Sep 10, 2017.

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    Get a product (Recharge card or phones) or cash (#5,000, #10,000) which will be deposit into ur bank account for free without paying any kobo on myluckyzone (It not a scam, it 100% real and there is prove)...

    MYLUCKYZONE has change my life a lot. It help me pay my school fees and other stuff, so i tink it time for people to know about MYLUCKYZONE...

    For interested people, this is how it work...

    I advice people to contact me on this whatapp no 07062893372 first...

    1. Click on this link below to register

    After register

    Goto google play store and search for myluckyzone application or u can search and download it in ur Web browser.....

    Note : You must download the myluckyzone application for use of browsing the website and get points (it compulsory)

    2. After finish install it and you haven't register, click on register account to fill in ur details, Ur name, email, password nd ur referrer email which is

    Referral Email :

    NOTE : u must use ur real or valid name, email nd phone no because they going verify u by call anytime or day....

    3. After registration they going to send an email to ur email to verify u, so u hav to go in to ur email to click on the link...

    4. After successful verify u can now login with ur email nd password.

    5. U hav to fill in another details by clicking the 3 dot menu lik dis _ @ up of d left side then luk 4 my PROFILE to fill ur details (address, location, d o b and phone no)...

    NOTE : u must fill those profile details before u start browsing, it compulsory first. If u don't know where to fill in those profile details, contact me on whatapp 07062893372

    6. After successful upload ur details u can nw click on EARN below to browse any site in it

    Note : by browsing those site u gonna get some points and those points is used to purchase d products like cards, phones and money......

    7. The more u browse the more u get points and more ur points is the highest d product u can purchase...

    8. I know some of you may wanna know how they do get the money they pay people

    : They make their money from the admin of list websites inside their mlz application (the website you browse inside the mlz app) because they get traffic for them"

    If you wanna know more about them, contact me on whatapp 07062893372

    9. Click the link below to join myluckyzone whatapp group chat

    Click the link below to join myluckyzone Telegram group chat

    It real, legit and free!!!!

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