Emmanuella Comedy: Hitting The Heights With YouTube Comedy Channel

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    Emmanuella Comedy: Hitting The Heights With YouTube Comedy Channel


    It is possible you don’t like Mark Angel Comedy also known as Emmanuella Comedy. But the figures, especially YouTube views, show that millions of people worldwide love the show and the kid star.

    Perhaps, it is high time Mark Angel changed his YouTube Channel to Emmanuella Comedy. Ever since the precocious kid hit limelight when she appeared on ‘My Real Face’, the Channel is recognized more as Emmanuella Comedy than with any other name.

    For instance, three months ago, Mark Angel comedy hit a landmark. It reached the 1 million subscriber mark on YouTube.

    But most online media reported the milestone with headlines like ‘Emmanuella Comedy hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube.’

    That milestone owed much to the talents of Emmanuella than anything else.

    Emmanuella Comedy and a child protégé

    Emmanuella was born on the 20th of July, 2010. The producer of the show, Mark Angel is her uncle. She has lived with him since she was born even though her parents are still alive.

    For Mark Angel, ending up with an award-winning YouTube Channel has a stamp of Providence.

    He actually wanted to be a medical doctor. But the death of his uncle, who was supposed to sponsor his education at the University, killed that dream.

    Mark Angel, however, studied cinematography in India before coming back home to work in Nollywood. But he had to stop working in Nollywood because his very religious mother did not take to the film industry.

    However, before focusing full-time on comedy skits, he had already worked with a theatre group known as Gingertainmment. They performed live shows on the stage. Their focus was comedy.

    It was in 2013 that Mark Angel decided to launch his own production Company which he called Mechanic Pictures. But it was after they narrowed their productions to comedy especially, children comedy that Mechanic Pictures really took off.

    And at the age of just 5, Emmanuella Comedy was born when his young niece featured in the skit ‘My Real Face.‘ Currently, this 69 seconds video has been watched over 3.5 million times on YouTube.

    YouTube Sensation

    Since the first humble comedy skit on YouTube titled ‘Two Shiit‘ in 2013, Mark Angel and his niece Emmanuella have come a long way.

    The Channel now has over 120 episodes each with over a million views on YouTube.

    When the subscription hit the 1 million milestones in May this year, it was just an official recognition of what many people had known for a while now: the videos are the most watched in Nigeria.

    But for Mark Angel, hitting that milestone is not what Emmanuella Comedy is all about. Since then, the channel had already garnered over 200,000 additional subscribers.

    From the way it is going, it won’t be a surprise if they hit the 2 million subscription number by the end of the year.


    Emmanuella Comedy has won several awards since the 7-year-old became a YouTube sensation.

    Some of the awards include:

    • Niger Delta Special Talent 2015 by G Influence awarded to Emmanuella
    • 2016 Top Subscribed Creator at the Sub-Saharan African YouTube Awards
    • 2016 Best New Comedienne at the Afro-Australia Music and Movie Awards
    • 2016 Princess of Comedy at the Afro-Australia Music and Movie Awards
    • 2016 NEA award for Best Online Sensation
    • Mark Angel got the Leadership Award at the 2016 Afro-Australia Music and Movies Awards in Sydney
    The future of Emmanuella Comedy

    For Mark Angel, the future is all about producing comedy clips for YouTube and perhaps someday a full feature comedy movie.

    As for the 7-year-old Emmanuella Samuel, she is still at an age where the cuteness of being a kid would propel the show to greater heights.

    That is, as long as her uncle keeps coming up with better and more creative ways to make the world laugh.

    But from all indications, the head of Mark Angel Comedy is a well-grounded man who knows what it takes to be a success.

    For one, he doesn’t think he is competing with others to be the best. He would just keep on giving the best comedies for parents and their kids.

    Like any good son, he leans heavily on his mother for guidance and a strong belief in God to see him through the coming years

    He said in an interview last year to underline the trust he has in his mother and God that:

    She always said the reason God gave us our talent was to promote His cause, and that the devil would do everything possible to destroy it.

    Whenever we shoot any skit, my mum is usually the first person to screen it. We have shot some videos and condemned same simply because a lady wore revealing clothes in it.

    It is difficult to get content that is completely decent. She motivates me to think and she is creative too. In fact, I think she is more of a comedian than I am.”

    Good talk from a man who has done well for himself. With this sort of mindset, nobody would bet against Emmanuella Comedy’s continued success.

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